Thursday, October 04, 2012

100,000 + hits for Oracle by Madrid

Recently this professional effort known as "Oracle by Madrid" reached 100,000+ hits, I'm grateful to the Oracle community for making this possible, this blog has created a positive synergy in many ways.

Once I heard someone who said "When you teach you learn twice", and it is very true, helping others through this blog has in the long run helped me too.  This blog has been a valuable reference for me too, while "googling" for a specific issue I'm facing sometimes I find the answer in a post I made in the past that I didn't remember, so I am not doomed to repeat my past.

Another saying I remember, "You receive what you give", very true, by giving away knowledge somehow life has rewarded me without looking for it, as if life would have kept some sort of invisible balance sheet where it records everything, and it pays back when the time is right.

I am grateful and happy this effort has had a positive echo with the Oracle Community and has been a reference to help others around the globe.

A Big Thank You All !!!

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