Wednesday, April 07, 2010

ORA-39714 After upgrade

After the execution of the @?/rdbms/admin/catupgrd.sql script on an database on Windows x32 when trying to open the database it showed up this ORA-39714 error. As per the error catalog manual, it stated :

ORA-39714: upgrade script utlmmig.sql failed
Cause: A normal database open was attempted, but the upgrade script utlmmig.sql failed to complete.
Action: Use the UPGRADE option when opening the database and then run utlmmig.sql.

As per the manual, just ran the utlmmig.sql script. That's it.

I need to further find out why this showed up. I was trying to move a 64bit database to a 32bit platform, so I had to deal with the dabase objects and the data dictionary to have it working after downgrading to the 32bit platform. I had to recompile the database objects with the utlirp and utlrp procedures.