Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My recently published Book

"Oracle 10g/11g Data and Database Management Utilities" is the tittle of my recently released book that was published by Packt Publishing. This book represents for me my debut as an Oracle Author. This book was written after all the cases I have faced for already 20 years of professional carreer as an Oracle Professional.

There are times when a process doesn't seem to end, and when it is about to reach the final stages something happens and it breaks up. If we had a tool to monitor and at lest stop the process before this fatal ending it would be great. The tool actually exists, but the problem with several DBA's or DBO's is that they don't know this tool exist and even if some of them know this exists, very few of them know how to master it so they can use it in a practical environment.
This is not the only case I expose in my book, there are other scenarios that relate to tools such as DataPump. Today there are a lot, of people out there that still talk about the traditional exp/imp. Data Pump is a very old tool, considering this was first released in 2003 along with the 10g Rel. 1 RDBMS, and since the technology gets obsolete in five years (avg.) this can be considered that Data Pump has already had three evolution stages (10gR1, 10gR2, 11gR1 and very soon 11gR2). What about exp/imp, it is more than an obsoleted tool that has already given what it has to give and is maintained only for upward compatibility.

Another tool has to do with sql*loader, you may say it is not new and you are right, but how about using it to load CLOB, BLOB files? Can this be used to create External Tables and have access to log files so they can be analyzed at the database level by means of SQL commands? The answer is yes, and SQL*Loader can be used in a very creative way. You can get a network performance meter by means of a sqlloader exeternal table, you can have another view of the alert log and you can query it directly from the database.

There are several topics I address in the book, but overall I do a practical approach, I introduce practical examples that can help the DBA in the day by day tasks so the DBA can perform its dutys in a more efficient way.


Aman Sharma said...


Many congrats for the book! I knew that it was coming as Hans told me about it long time back. I am sure this must be a great book and I can't wait to get my hands over it. I am going to call my dealer to get it for me asap.

Once again, heartiest congratulations for this book and best wishes for many more in the future!


Hector Rivera Madrid said...

Thank you Aman, Hans was a technical reviewer for this book. There are several places where you can get this book. Packt Publishing has agreements with several librarians.

Eduardo Legatti said...

Hi Hector,

Congratulations for your newer book. I'm sure that it will be a great success and an invaluable reference, not only to our community, but also to beginners and most experienced Oracle DBAs.

Thank you


Eduardo Legatti

Hector R. Madrid said...

Hi Eduardo ! It is a while since the last time we virtually met. I'm so glad hearing from you.
I wrote this book thinking about the most frequently asked question and the most frequently seen cases in the forum, so I hope this book can be helpful.

Thank you for dropping by.

Phoenix said...

Enjoying your book now:-)