Saturday, May 22, 2010

ORA-00600: [kgeade_is_0]

An ORA-00600 is something I don't like to see, particularly when I am in the just in time. And it is particularly boring when it is displayed once per each datafile to be renamed.

The Error
ORA-00600: internal error code, arguments: [kgeade_is_0], [], [], [], [], [], [], []
This error shows up under this circumstances:

The Environment
  1. RDBMS version
  2. Any Platform
  3. Oracle DB Restore from an RMAN backup at the Standby Site
  4. The original Database is in ASM.
  5. The target Database is in File System.

While googling i found a recommendation that suggsted to either use ASM or File System, but not both. In my case this is not an Option (and in my personal opinion not a good answer either), my primary site is a Real Application Cluster on Linux x64, so ASM is mandatory since we have no Cluster file system on the primary, and the stanby site is a File System based site.
According to Oracle Support Servivcivec they declared this as a fixable Bug.

Bug 7207932 OERI [kgeade_is_0] when renaming a file from ASM to a filesystem

The funny part of the diagnostics
The regular procedure to have an ORA600 error fixed is by diagnosing this at at the alert.log file, and by querying it at the ORA600 error lookup tool from Oracle Support Services; however, while using this last one to diagnose i found out that it didn't recognize the first argument as a valid argument.

The Correcting Procedure

There are basically two ways to have this problem solved on the standby site, and it is by applying a patch that fixes this issue, the other one is to upgrade to or greater, where this bug has already been fixed.

  • ORA-00600 [KGEADE_IS_0] When Renaming A File From ASM TO FS [ID 742289.1]
  • Bug 7207932 - OERI [kgeade_is_0] when renaming a file from ASM to a filesystem [ID 7207932.8]

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