Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The Oracle Open World, Day 0

Oracle Open World Day 0. Arrival to SFO.

Visiting the Oracle Open World in my personal experience is the opportunity to meet with peers, networking, updating knowledge, interact with people, meet the gurus, and have fun. My OOW started on Saturday, and the visit to the holy Oracle Headquarters is a must for me. It's the reminder of the long journey I've walked so far along with the company.

The temparature was nice, a typical autum californian day, beautiful, I love this weather. However, you never know, I remember some years back San Francisco had a severe cold front that was mixed with a high humidity level in the air and the consequence was that you could hear a lot of people sneezing and coughing in the conference rooms.

On the other hand, taking pictures of the architecture is always an amazing experience. The reflecting windows of the cylindrical shaped buildings that in my personal opinion emulate the physical shape of hard disks built with steel, concrete and glass. The blue colored windows disguise the buildings with the sky. Always an amazing landscape.

I don't know why the OOW doesn't start on Saturday, it would be great for me to use two weekend days and three vacation days rather than using one weekend day and four vacation days to attend the event. Most probably the logistics and the convenience for most of the people who attend the event.

The OOW is always a great experience that is absolutely worthy.

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