Monday, June 18, 2012

Flash Player 11.3 kept crashing with Firefox 13.01

The browser I use the most is Firefox, a personal reason that started back at the time when the way to avoid internet worms from infecting the computer was to either endlessly keep on updating the I.E. or by using low maintenance reliable browser.  Ever since Firefox became my preferred choice.

Recently something weird happened, one of those auto updates that bring down the system and ask for restart of applications, and suddenly  my Firefox stopped displaying the Enterprise Manager performance graphs. I had to temporarily switch to Internet Explorer while I was able to find a solution for it.  The funny thing is that it only replied with a kind of progress bar that read RSL Error 1 of 3 or RSL Error 2 of 3 and a small caps error message at the bottom of the display where the graph was supposed to be shown that read Error #2032.  Nothing else ... so after a long Google search that lasted the whole morning, digging for a clue on what was going on  I finally came up with a diagnostics and a possible solution.

Every time I tried to load a page with flash player contents it crashed, and in the case of YouTube it just mentioned the contents couldn't be played at this time and it asked to retry later (some sort of insanity, it doesn't matter how many times I'd have tried nor how later I'd retried the result would have been always the same). So none of the contents that required the flash player plugin could be played.

The solution was found in this Firefox support article "Flash 11.3 doesn't load video in Firefox"
I had installed the Real Player and the feature to download and save flash contents was making the Flash 11.3 plugin to crash.  The solution, just as it was described in the above article was to start the RealPlayer and from the main menu / Preferences / Download & Recording submenu, I unchecked the "Enable web download & recording for these installed browsers" option.  I restarted Firefox and everything came back to normal.  Since this is my work machine, I'm not too much worried about not being able to download my favorite videos by means of the Realplayer plugin.  I'm much more concerned about being able to display my Performance graphs and accessing the flash version of My Oracle Support.

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