Wednesday, September 12, 2012

OPatch issues

Recently I have applied the PSU5 and PSU9, in both cases a couple of issues happened when executing the OPatch utility. 

The first one, has to do with a runtime error during the execution of the OPatch utility.  Suddenly a window pops up saying it cannot find the msvcr71.dll library, this is a module containing standard C library functions such as asprintf, memcpy and cos, it is part of the Microsoft C Runtime Library.  The workaround for it was to look for it at one of the previously installed Oracle Homes and copy it to the C:\Windows directory.  

 The second issue has to do with a file, srvm.jar, which after the OPatch evaluation, it says this file is in use.  It looks like the version of the OPatch utility cannot identify it is the same utility who is using the file.  This is a known issue and is documented in the M.O.S. Note "OPATCH LOCKS SRVM.JAR WHEN APPLYING ANY BUNDLE PATCH ON WINDOWS X64 [ID 1446273.1]"  This will be fixed in future OPatch versions, and the workaround is to look for a jar file, %ORACLE_HOME%\OPatch\jlib\oracle.opatch.classpath.jar, rename it and retry.  Once the OPatch utility is done rename back the file to its original name.

You can use the Microsoft utility Process Explorer to see who is using these files. Just make sure that you exit the utility before relaunching OPatch, otherwise it will misinterpret the locks of the Process Explorer on several oracle related dll's and the list of Oracle dynamic linked libraries in use will be longer.


Andrew Stuart Reid said...

Hola Hector,

Estaba mirando tu blog. Yo también tenía problemas con opatch. He puesto los detalles en la dirección siguiente:
Luego al fin puse un anuncio para tu libro porque tiene un capítulo entero sobre opatch. También he puesto una pequeña imágen que contiene el índice del capítulo 13. Espero que éste no te molesta pero si hay algún problema, la sacaré inmediatemente.

Hasta luego,


Hector R. Madrid said...

Thank you for this feedback Andrew, I do appreciate it. On the other hand I'm really impressed about the Spanish level you show in this paragraph.